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Welcome to Not Found On Basic guide

Wiki: What structure do we use?

With our resources of time, skills and money available in addition to an approximate number of future contributors, we decided on using a wiki structure for Not Found On. Whilst the most known use of a wiki is Wikipedia, they are also often used by companies, schools and academics to organise and share research. Wikis are not particularly sexy. They are clunky, can labour intensive, and totally have their limitations.

Still, they are a free and open-source tool that enables co-writing among large numbers of people and includes multiple media formats such as text, audio, and video. It is stable and relatively easy to install and to manage your own version. And, crucially, it has a large community sustaining the technology which is necessary for the longevity of the project.

We are currently looking for groups to help us build this guide. Get in touch with Aay via email
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This page is created using media wiki and semantic media wiki:

How to add...

  1. Create an account (can be anonymous)
  2. Go to Create page
  3. Complete as much as you want of the form : Add words, images, videos, audio that are meaningful to record
  4. Find your own words, voice and style
  5. complete in any language

  • You need to login in to add or edit a page*

Things to check before starting a new page...

  1. does this page already exist? Please note page names are sensitive to capitalisation.For Example you can have: Andrew has his period & Andrew Has His Period as too separate pages due to that difference. So double check just to be clear.
  1. if writing about a person, do i have their consent to include them?
  1. should this be recorded? does this it benefit myself and others to share this?

Tools to build Wiki

Mark up:
SpecialPages: Special:SpecialPages & Special:Templates & Special:Forms
For editing the Side Bar:
To upload files:Special:Upload
To remove edit next to headers: Image Gallery: Image ref: Colours: Wiki color formatting help How to: Moving a page Mediawiki Help
Tables: Collapsable info: Expanding info table Create each page and then group together via transclusion allowing you to update multiple pages at once:
What is transclusion? Transclusion is the inclusion of part or all of an electronic document into one or more other documents by hypertext reference. Transclusion is usually performed when the referencing document is displayed, and is normally automatic and transparent to the end user. Link: