This is a website ATTEMPTING to map record queer life and culture an alternative history a NECESSARY response and site for resistance in a white MALE cis dominated history and wiki culture. It aims to provide a service for your needs utility??

Unless you make it yourself this space is not for you

Not until You can hold hands in public without fear
and/or You never have to confess that you exist to your family
and/or Religions and Corporations are no longer
and/or You never have to apologise
The heterosexual lifestyle is a sick and boring world!

everything you own you've had to build on stolen ground
But now we build inwards. Deeper
Away from all
pick up the stones and build with us
This is an inclusive Non-Existent space to connect, record, and celebrate queer-feminist projects and people who are Not Found On anywhere else.
To take back control of our narratives from corrupt, controlling, capitalistic platforms. We don't want to be found on your shitty facebook
our constellations will burn in the sky regardless of whether youtube demonetizes them
tumblr can't ban our nipples from reality
We are nowhere
We were everywhere
We will be Not Found.

all bodies welcome...You do not have to identify as queer to have a space here, this space itself is questioning queer. You don’t have to perform queer here unless you want to. you don’t have to prove that your queer enough.

This is a space with founders who want you to take over 
This is a space which will never accept exploitation or oppression
This is a space for trans people, bi people, gays, lezbianz, sluts, asexuals, confused kids, people who might change their mind about being queer, people who are faking to impress boys, transtrenders, liars, people who are going through a phase and even Taylor Swift
This is a space that rebels against time
This is a space that you must and will change
This are espace to b wrong!
Like, it doesn't matter if you don't follow the accent
there is no space for:

  ~ Racism ~Ageism ~Sexism ~Ableism ~Classism ~ Fatphobia ~ Colourism ~ Classism ~ SWERFS- (Sex worker exclusionary radical feminism) ~Homophobia ~ Biphobia ~ Transphobia  ~ TERFS (trans-exclusionary radical feminism)

Try to be mindful:
  - of others / experience, inexperience / privilege / lack thereof

NO BODY POLICE Bodies are political. No Grammar Police - Language is Political. We do not accept abusive language and behaviour towards fellow members and other similar spaces.

We are not here to repeat the systems of abuse that have been performed upon us. We Reject heirarchy - but accept that the platform operates within the heiarchies of data structures and internet protocol.

We desire kindness, compassion, connection and in real life hugs
This space is full of contradictions. It is in development and relies on the participation of feminist queer bodies.

Do you want to co-create with us?