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Knowledge is not neutral....Include your community

We start with an invitation to include your networks and practices to share with others. Why we need to record and connect voices. Who has space to record now. What has been lost. What is under highlighted.

Creating your event

To create a event with this form, enter the page name below; if a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page. You can go back and choose another name.


Your new page

To create a page to record actions, people, spaces, publications ect...enter the page name below that you want to add; if a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.

The form on the next pages walks you through segments to great record on Not Found On. Not all of which need to be answered we are also happy to hear about questions you think should be asked.


New to Not Found On and to wikis here is our general How to guide

Ways to you can build this community...

  1. add or edit existing page
  2. start a new page ( )
  3. add links between pages
  4. add references
  5. add your event ( )
  6. add to directories
  7. report toxic behaviour
  8. set up a meeting to record your community with others
  9. become an admin to help maintain the site
  10. add to the design & structure
  11. join IRL & online meetings to discuss our development
  12. send us feedback & comments for development

How to add...

  1. Create an account (can be anonymous)
  2. Go to Create page
  3. Complete as much as you want of the form : Add words, images, videos, audio that are meaningful to record
  4. Find your own words, voice and style
  5. complete in any language

Things to check before starting a new page...

  1. does this page already exist? Please note page names are sensitive to capitalisation. (For Example you can have: Andrew has his period & Andrew Has His Period as too separate pages due to that difference)
  2. if write about a person, do i have their consent to include them?
  3. should this be recorded? does this it benefit myself and others to share this.

Other things to highlight

  • Highlighting the need for consent in writing about others.
  • Use the red high light to complete missing
  • Different ways you can be more or less visible using different referencing or simply not including categories. The desire to link to other entries to create network...
  • Here you can read instructions on how to add
  • You need legal right to share.