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Start Time: End Time: Location:
2019/07/09 18:00 2019/07/09 21:00 Liverpool , Open Eye Gallery

Involvement needed: Yes
Seeking Connections:

Do you have something to share IRL? Share with me @ Open Eye Gallery. To end my residency in Liverpool and to continue the theme of sharing knowledge we want to offer 5 spaces to wonderful people who for 10 mins can present and take questions on creative /socially related actions they are involved in organising / making in Liverpool
Aay will start the evening by sharing the short film 'Andrew a Strong Courageous Warrior' (2016), followed by a brief Q&A about the work and their current project.

If you have a solo/group project or artwork, a call to action or a short film or performance under 10 minutes long, we want to hear from you! We are interested in things that have not yet been shown, works in progress or things you would like to invite people to - meet up groups, calls to action etc.

To join us or sign up to present, email: info@aliparoto.com with your name, phone number and a short description, plus any links to your work. We have a projector and a screen which you can use if needed.

We welcome participants from the LGBTQIA+ community and allies, who have an intersectional feminist approach, to love and inclusiveness. Bring friends and lovers - all bodies welcome!

All meet up sessions are free and refreshments are provided. If you want to come but money is tight, we are happy to cover transport costs (keep your tickets & receipts - Aay will have cash to refund). The space is fully wheelchair accessible. Alcohol is being served in this space.


qUeer SOap bOX : sLOT 1: ‘Andrew a Strong Courageous Warrior’ (2016, 16’) with Q&A and discussion about current project FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)

qUeer SOap bOX : sLOT 2 : ‘Transgender Experiences in School’ (2019 ) by young maker Ben Saunders. The film consists of interviews with six trans and non-binary young people from across the North West area in England

qUeer SOap bOX : sLOT 3 : Ex-pain

qUeer SOap bOX : sLOT 4: A sneak peek at ‘The South Asian Digital Diaspora: Female and Queer Instagrammers’ by Priya Sharma’s. We are excited get a little taste of this ongoing research...

qUeer SOap bOX : sLOT 5: Sandi Huges : Presenting Rewind Fast Forward in full fabulous style....

Politics of Location: Organised by: white queer early 30's dyslexic middle class womxn based in europe. Pronouns: they / them

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Action , Workshop , Video art , Film , Archive , collections , interviews , research caring No No Yes

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english No 5

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