How covid affected our queer spaces

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WARNING___some notes on suicide

== how covid affected our queer spaces

how covid affected our queer spaces spaces located in Rotterdam, Brussels, Eindhoven? / and online spaces. ==

What effect has covid had on your networks for social, poltical, activist and health care on and offline?

Have there been any permenate closures of spaces in your communitues?

Have there been new intivatives

Notes from Recording our Communities workshop on June, 22nd 2021

cutted of any community mtp france : new spaces not always queer but safe - "maintenant midi c'est minuit" , event during the day finding way to step a side the curfew, - freak-tions things happened by chance mainly , word to mouse,

online parties club quarantine

question of social anxiety

After studies, I wanted to do an Internship and wanted to travel, but after two months corona hit. Since there was no physical gathering anymore. 
Online there were a few projects ‘L’appartement chez moi’, with Madame Butch.

She did a lot of live streaming with people from the community. It helped me to get out of the smoke of like a ‘family context’.

The second part of the pandemic / 2020. Eindhoven in The Netherlands wasn’t very strict or in a heavy lockdown, so I was able to move about and meet people.

I started looking for initiatives in Eindhoven, online, I did not found a lot. I found ‘The Way(?)’, a feminist group. There is a new queer collective Queerhoven, which is created recently. 

I have the feeling Eindhoven is a kind of city where worth to mouth, small gathering happen through people knowing people etc. During corona this was not possible anymore.

Now I am in France.

queer Rotterdam

connect / support /

training social muscles ` KLAUW MAGAZINE, became a foundation tender center closed, or will close black pride

living in a queer surrounding in brussels working on nfo I was in a queer house, not necessarily super smooth during the lock down. Back then I was working on not found on the most. The original aim of the project was to do workshops irl. It had a parasitic strategy, always in collaboration with queer local organisations, art spaces etc… It always had an aim to write together, collective being, …

During the lock down NFO wasn’t able to continue as it was intended. It slacked… Also was dealing with terrible anxiety. 

Did do some online parties!

Queer Rotterdam-dormant

Klauw-very young circa 20s collective queer party, protagosnism BIPOC people steep progression lately together with Ray, WORM, online event Femfest at international women's day also KLAUW magazine now a foundation, get subsisdy

Tender Center queer lesbian and trans-run physical space quit, not publically announced. interpersonal issues, rent (wanted to be independent, thus no finantial help, paid from their pockets but no possibility to get any revenue during lockdown)

Black Pride - Amsterdam?? started 2020

Queer Safer Spaces Rotterdam-instagram account

online space-Discord environment-Queer Rotterdam


Brussels-queer house-!!!meeningful still, things not going super well with flatmates problem: not found on related to physical queer spaces

did some online parties

queerantine bingo

pre-covid random meetings speak with people you don't necessarilly like, yet care about them recognise people you see every now and then is that the feeling of community?

right before pandemic hit, a person from community in Rotterdam committed suicide so unable to organise something together, mourning together not connected to the family, unablility to claim to the mourning

person close to Aay committed suicice right before second lockdown

ways of mourning together online??

as non-professionals, not able to take care of each other's mental health when physiscal spaces disappear, it all comes down to each of us inter-personal habilities very difficult, layer of guilt we lost touvh of how a broader community is going

covid guilt is real! should I do this or that, am I doing enough?? in the case of Queer Rotterdam, many meetings but not actions

agony of insustainability of queer spaces that was the reason to start not found on-ephemere!

volunteer work usually not archiving

podcast by person from The Hague, capture true stories, what is going on

(in Dutch some in English)

queer fandom podcasts-in German

Politics of Location: Written together by people during online meeting. Brussels, Rotterdam, South of France, Oliva (Valencia, Spain) The summer when vaccination had started, and we were hoping covid would soon leave us.

Related Projects and People:Queer Rotterdam midi c'est minuit Freak-tions L'appartement chez moi Lex Klauw Blackpride TenderCenter Queerhoven clubquarantine BENEDICTION Crazy Circle

References and background: Club Quarantine: Queer love from Toronto to the world

Spectrum (podcast)

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location: Rotterdam , Brussels , South of France , Valencia , Europe

type of space: online only

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institutional: Yes

sustainability: blood , sweat , tears , biodegradable glitter , coffee , cheap wine , sunshine , summer vibes

year started: 2021

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names of people involved: wulverien , abalorio , Sayroe