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Queer Rotterdam aims to SUPPORT, CONNECT and ACTIVATE our community. If you're interested: stay updated (👍 us!), mail info@queerrotterdam.nl or send us a DM

We are a community driven platform run by a five-to-eight headed beast. These heads are called navigators, as they intend to move this platform in a direction that is supported by a broader community. This may include a lot of complementary jumps, and simultaneous extravaganza dances along the way.

The navigators try to fertilize the needs and initiatives that come from YOU. Next to that, Queer Rotterdam will programme events to exchange, connect, support and activate each other.

More info on our plans for 2019 below. 2020, however has been difficult for us to stay active. Most of our collective energy went out to staying 'in touch' with each other, as navigators, finding small and comforting activities online and offline for a small group of participants: online crafting, support groups, non binary cafe, pen pals,...

More info on our birth further below

👩🏾‍🎤 Queer Rotterdam focuses on providing a safe space for all queer people in Rotterdam and beyond. We define queerness by not seeking conformity in our voices or bodies, but rather through a radical and non fixed code of conduct: no transphobia, no racism, no body shaming, no sexism, NO against all forms of making people feel unsafe. We stand for love, kindness and respect for self expressions. YES to intersectional feminism, having different opinions and backgrounds, being gendernoncomforming or genderconforming, being posthuman, asexual, quiet, refugee, questioning... we celebrate diversity.

🗣 Queer Rotterdam wants to take special care for the invisible, unrecognised queer people. Gender questioning, Gender non conforming? We've got a series of events called BEYOND THE BINARY, and more recently (edit: September 2020) the non binary café in Tender Center Rotterdam.

🧠 Queer Rotterdam has lots to learn and wants to do so. Let's inform each other, share knowledge and experience.

✊🏽POLITICAL IMPORTANCE The Netherlands has globally been on the rise to be known as a safe place for diversity, a country that claims to welcome diversity and acceptance. However, many members of the queer community (e.g. refugees, sex workers, trans people, POC) experience bigotry, police brutality and hatred on regular, if not daily, basis. A good local example of the rise of “homonationalism” is Rotterdam Pride 2017. This was a pride during which two groups (the Gayservatives and Reclaim Our Pride) greatly collided. The Gayservatives are a group of white cis-males with clear anti-muslim and anti-immigrant statements. During the pride in 2017 the Reclaim Our Pride movement (of which many kids are now also members of Queer Rotterdam) was brutally handled by the police. The group was blocked from joining the walk and many people left feeling devastated. Whereas the Gayservatives walked at the front of the Pride Walk and were well protected by the police. We feel it is important to note that ROP was not there with violent intent, they just wanted a pride in which everyone could and would feel safe. The Gayservatives on the other hand, got violent with the group as soon as the Pride Walk started. This year most of the queer people we know have decided to not attend Rotterdam Pride. Let's use this place to fertilise ideas to ACT OUT, rethink, reactivate the pride march!

WHERE/WHEN it all started The little sibling of Gender Bending Queer Party, born in the spring of 2018. Same city, similar ethics.

EVENT * P A R T Y * ETHICS: First of all: fun without limits! Also: FEMMES (of any gender) TO THE FRONT! we especially want femmes of any gender to be able claim their space, on the dancefloor and beyond. Queer is based on sexual integrity. We celebrate sexuality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. But remember: **CONSENT IS KEY**

"Queer is not exclusively gay and lesbian; it is an independent, equal, borderless, D.I.Y., provocative and genderfuck way of thinking, behaving and acting." (Quoting the Genderclowns) We do not have a beauty standard inside! We encourage every-body to have fun, enjoy their bodies, and each other’s bodies, but remember to do this respectfully. Self expression is not a risk here, and all bodies and looks deserve equal attention. This means: >we encourage you to try to express in a way you’ve always wanted to -nothing is too outrageous here! >we encourage genderclowning, drag, crossdressing, kink and nakedness... >..but there’s no strict dresscode, be as you please, and change it when you please. Please note: NO CAMERAS.

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this project is: Active

involvement needed: Yes

seeking connections: Yes

contactable: Yes get in touch

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description: Collectives


associations: Community , Organising , genderbending , living room , facilitation , performance , party

location: Rotterdam

type of space: roaming space

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addressing: Queers in and around Rotterdam

institutional: No, but yes, sometimes a parasite of institutions"No, but yes, sometimes a parasite of institutions" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.

sustainability: Supported by WORM Rotterdam , Tender Center Rotterdam (space) , Grassroots , Crowdfunding

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approx. number of people involved: 5-30

names of people involved: Maartje Loogman , Wulverien