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<h2>[[Why|Why record ↳ include your community]]</h2>
<h2>[[Why|Why record ↳ include your community]]</h2>
[[File:Day 3.png|100px|frameless|left]]
[[File:Day 3.png|75px|frameless|left]]
<h2>[[Find|Navigation ↳ Hide & Seek]]</h2>
<h2>[[Find|Navigation ↳ Hide & Seek]]</h2>

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Why record ↳ include your community

Not Found On is a co-written feminist queer knowledge project.

This space is currently being created with, by and for queer feminist bodies.

Day 3.png

Navigation ↳ Hide & Seek

How can you find pages on Not Found On? Example Ways to Navigate.

Adding content ↳ Recording your community

We start with an invitation to include your networks and practices to share with others.

Consent button.png

How to guide ↳ wiki

This page is created using media wiki and semantic media wiki:

Tools ↳ To use in daily life

To Employ Strategies of Care and Consent We Need to Develop Our Understanding of the Online Spaces We Participate In