The Coach House

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We are a sacred space. We want every body to be part of a bigger ethereal body. Through stories. Narratives. Lost and forgotten, or from the dusty future. No Directors. No Industry. Conducted through narrative, attune yourself with the space. The energy and the intentions.

We arrive to a place of performance. Theatre for some. Rebellion for others.

Let us share the wonder of creative minds.

Let us bring our scream of rage to every body's ears.

All the love, The Coach House

Politics of Location: Industry has alienated the first purpose of creative minds gathering to create experiences. Stopping the productive wheel of self destruction, we listen to our buildings. We share what we can hear.

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this project is: Active

involvement needed: Yes

seeking connections: Yes

contactable: Yes get in touch

△ info & descriptors △

description: Performance , prayer , Activist , Kitchen

mood: Powerful

associations: living room

location: Liverpool

type of space: multi-sited

languages involved: Those of the participants


institutional: No

sustainability: Prayer

year started:

year completed:

approx. number of people involved: 10

names of people involved: conway