Queer Halloween

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Timeframe: Start Date: End Date: Location: Organiser: Entrance Fee:
Timing 26 January 2020 26 January 2020 Brussels Naast monique free

Queer Halloween Party Montreal

Epic awesome party all join all this is an invitation to create together or apart together in the coming year (and maybe longer), so don't mind the official date! what exists in the gap between two ore more "artists" or "oeuvres" (interpret these words as free as you want) and what can we can grow out of it? more and more i find myself inspired by collectiveness, because no (wo)man is an island and it's so unpredictable (u know i love that)!! collective creation / collaboration is as broad as we want it to be. it could be just each working on our own stuff side by side and sometimes checking in with each other. it could be throwing our projects together and see what comes out of its collision. it could be starting a new project together, out of new or old ideas. it could be teaching each other something from our own practice. it could be a correspondence. it could be ... options are endless, time is not but who cares? tell me if you'd be interested, and if not, no worries, just ignore this :)

Door Policy:

Politics of Location: epic awesome kick as women from flanders

Related Projects and People:djshehugs

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Crowd: Queerdos

description: party , dance , music

mood: sexy , happy , scary


language: english

type of space:

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approx. number of people involved: 5

names of people involved:

institutional: No

means of sustainability: self funded

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involvement needed: No

seeking connections: Yes

contactable: Yes