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No Content Warnings ( please add if you see fit )

Eat me + Preach = Caberet , Comedy, Dance, Lip Synching, Live Art, Live Singing & Sexyness

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Access Policy

Get in touch with access needs and they'll strive to accommodate as much as possible
If you can't afford a ticket, hit them up - this is also an access need

What are the acts like?

Caberet , Comedy, Dance, Lip Synching, Live Art, Live Singing
Every night I've been here has been at least 50% trans* acts, sometimes more, they also hire cis & trans women, as well as men & nonbinary peeps. there are a few regular disabled performers, and a lot of the work is funny, irreverant, and political.

What's the vibe like?

Lots of people dress up to the monthly theme, so there's a lot of wild, wonderful, gender-bending, high camp and occasionally semi naked people wandering around.
You can go alone to the cabaret part it is pretty awesome just to watch.
There are benches, booths, and seating outdoor, but a big chunk of Big textpeople end up standing every time. Can be a bit intimidating to walk in once the show has started, as the stage is alongside the entrance, so it can feel like everyone's looking at you, but they're not x

What's the price like?

There are 3 price bands, £20 for cabaret + 3 course meal + club night
£10 for just cabaret + club night
£3-£5 for just club night

If you can't afford it and want to come, message the organisers because they want broke babes to be able to come as well x

wot bout that food tho?

It good.

They also run an open mic event called SPEW but I missed it :(

Politics of Location: (second edit on this page done by a white trans performer who has been booked on the night, so im a bit biased x)

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References and background: John Waters - Pink Flamingos,

△ contact information △

this project is: Active , Ongoing

involvement needed: Maybe

seeking connections: Yes

contactable: Not at the moment

△ info & descriptors △

description: Performance , Cabaret , Drag , Costume , Bar , Food

mood: Anarchic , Powerful , Rowdy , Freaky , Outsider , Fabulous , Close-Knit

associations: Political , Non-Normative , Arty

location: Liverpool , Baltic Triangle , District Bar , Sound Bar , Kitchen Street

type of space: roaming space

languages involved: English

addressing: Over 18 Space , Northwest Uk

institutional: No

sustainability: Ticket Sales , Side Hustles

year started:

year completed:

approx. number of people involved: 7/8

names of people involved: