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WARNING___no specific warning

This is an entry for a Romanian, queer, intersectionally feminist magazine.

Queer, feminist, intersectional & Romanian print magazine which can be found here.

Politics of Location: The collective behind this magazine are based in Eastern Europe.

Related Projects and People:

References and background:

△ contact information △

this project is: Ongoing

involvement needed: Maybe

seeking connections: Maybe

contactable: Yes get in touch

△ info & descriptors △

description: Print magazine

mood: pop , anti-fascist

associations: feminist , queer , intersectional , magazine

location: Romania

type of space:

languages involved: Romanian


institutional: No

sustainability: AFCN , Funding

year started: 2018

year completed:

approx. number of people involved:

names of people involved: Ali Venir , Cristian Nanculescu , Lavinia Ionescu , Nicoleta Moise

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