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"This is a website ATTEMPTING to map queer life and culture - an alternative history - a NECESSARY response and site for resistance in a MALE dominated wiki culture | It aims to provide a service for your needs (utility??)"

This an invitation to build
Unless you make it yourself –-→ This space is not for you.

Not until 
You can hold hands in public without fear and/or
You never have to confess that you exist to your family and/or
Religions and Corporations are no longer and/or
You never have to apologise  (The heterosexual lifestyle is a sick and boring world!)

Everything you own you've had to build on stolen ground
But now we build inwards
Deeper Away from all
Pick up the stones and build with us 

This is an inclusive Non-Existent space to connect, record, and celebrate queer-feminist projects and people who are Not Found On anywhere else. To take back control of our narratives from corrupt, controlling, capitalistic platforms.

We don't want to be found on your shitty facebook

our constellations will burn in the sky regardless of whether youtube demonetizes them tumblr can't ban our nipples from reality 

We are nowhere
We were everywhere
We will be Not Found.

POLICY OF TOLERANCE / MANIFESTO(?) What this space is for?
Things worth remembering – if you don't think it's worth remembering, let it be forgotten.
Who this page is aimed, naming groups and needs and also asking if you need the space.

You don’t have to prove that your queer enough.
You don’t have to perform queer here unless you want to.

Try to be mindful:
 - of others / experience, inexperience / privilege / lack thereof

  In the pursuit of knowledge:

 - seek incentive and consent 
 -the space time and place you’re in 
 -Allow for transformation the idea of continued consent 
 - endless possibilities 
- Include yourself 
Knowledge is never neutral so fuck it speak for you

This is a space for activating, organising and initiating change
This is a space for archiving documenting celebrating 
This is a space with founders who want you to take over 
This is a space which will never accept exploitation or oppression
This is a space for trans people, bi people, gays, lezbianz, sluts, asexuals, confused kids, people who might change their mind about being queer, people who are faking to impress boys, transtrenders, liars, people who are going through a phase 

and even Taylor Swift
This is a space that rebels against time
This is a space that you must and will change
This are espace to b wrong!
Like, it doesn't matter if you don't follow the accent
This is a space to let things die
This is a fat website.  This is a soft website. This website wears a binder.  This website hangs out in the nude. This website has a hangover. This is a wet website.  This website is barely legal.

This space is wetware.
And it's drippy.

There is space here for every lesbian / gay / bisexual / transgender, queer / questioning, intersex / asexual +communities. You do not have to identify as queer to have a space here, but this space itself is queer.

There is no space for intentional :

 ~Ageism ~Sexism ~Ableism ~Classism  ~ Racism ~ Fatphobia ~ Colourism ~ Classism

~ SWERFS- Sex worker exclusionary radical feminism ~Homophobia ~ Biphobia ~ Transphobia  ~ TERFS trans-exclusionary radical feminism

 NO BODY POLICE Bodies are political

No Grammar Police - Language is Political

 Abusive language and behaviour towards fellow members and other spaces similar (?)

 We are not here to repeat the systems of abuse that have been performed upon us

We ask ourselves

how do we police/prohibit/punish those who transgress?
how do we define trasngression within our space
how can we allow this definition to evolve with changing values of the time?
Who is not allowed to see content?
Do we abide by Law / discuss illegality? - is this space above the law?
Abusing the platform – shitposting?

-some suggested CORE values

No Founders
Debate around knowledge
Call for Action
Fluidity (recognise limitations of language regarding age/gender/background/era)
Be wrong, these ideas will change with time, its only relevant at the moment you access, tomorrow these values could be different (but recognise we wont accept a pile on of agression. 1 x 1 debates)

Content warnings /glossary /user guides 

Allow for learning 
no regulating peoples experiences
no regulating peoples peoples language - how to keep the space safe(er) then?

Bring Rant, gossip, be mindful and intentional 
Disagree, save the Drama for your Llama.
Not the space for abusive language. 

We Reject Heirarchy | but recognise we are implicit it Hierarchies
We don't accept anyone who isnt sex/ body positive

Change the space if it is not ok | demand others change it

This space is in development and relies on the participation of feminist queer bodies

Time is the only judge
 Not visited articles, ignored comments and actions will fall into oblivion
 No reaction, virtual selection
 Passive collective fairness
 The more we use the site, the faster the abuse will disappear
 A conversation about archiving abuse as a way to keep track of our progress?
 Track change, track evolution. 
 If it happens, we'll remember until it's not helpful.
 A space to let things die.



Design & Function Notes:
-2 X Manifestos
-Our Queer One X Another one which goes against it (hetero)
-then when audience clicks on wrong one they're automatically locked out of site 
-and thats where they need password to access??
 Filters out people who goes against ethos/being/LGBTQIA+ Community..
Autism – Literal & poetic entry texts side by side ??? or 3 versions
Statement needs to be clear of what website is about..
Careful about using jargan and/or give definitions 
-accessible language, format 
- creating the welcome page and webspace for those outside out of our own ‘constellation’ of bodies 
- concise format but openness is key 

- which (countries?) laws are we bound to? Will we be subject to censorship? 
Also, what happens to the content uploaded? How is it saved and/or stored? Hacking etc. 

 How do we pose guidelines without being aggressive? 
 What language do we use regarding rules and regulations?

manifesto becomes hierarchical CORE values {interchangeable}

Development and feedback of space.

Just text/ writing, everything on website, space should be fully accesible through -image description -voice recording -spoken etc

- how is this monitored practically? - buzzwords, or descriptive content of anything that goes against our being/ community would become 'redacted comment', to enable users to not be triggered by something which could be personally traumatic to them, they, he, she etc Buzzwords can be added by community and whoever uses site, so these are always interchangeable/fluid as language is