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‘We are here to give birth to identities over and over again. Codes are binary, people are not.’
— HOT BODIES-CHOIR Brussels, Not Found On co-writing (2019)

This site was created as part of Not Found On — a collaborative and co-learning research focused on how feminist queer bodies share knowledge online. The project touches on recording communities, online privacy, internet structures, open source tools, do-it-yourself (DIY) culture and feminist co-writing. The intention is to spark interest and galvanise participation.

So far the project has been developed through a series of workshops held during 2019 in Brussels, Liverpool and Rotterdam, both via open call and through invitations. The content of the publication is a snapshot of where we are at with these discussions and their supporting research. The Not Found On project consists of three components: in-real-life (IRL) meetings, the publication and this site.

This project is created with, by and for feminist queer bodies.

Take a look at what has already started by exploring this site and reading background. If you want to get involved in developing this space email us at


- aay, project initiator, 2019