Notes on Frugal Future MANIFESTO

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queer F(r)ICTIONS and FUTUR(ity)

Notes for the Frugal Future MANIFESTO!

As #FormerWest was getting enthusiastic over #Fridays4Future,
maybe believing in the promise of hyper-sensitive but sane youth,
the one that can #FailBetter at where #theyFAILEDus
(and again failed to admit that this was a failure)

or even dare toDO what needed to be DOne...
...the FUTURE slipped out of focus
#theLongNOW vanished in urgencies of NOW
and queer past somehow became the #NewN0rm.

The one thing I am envious of #QueerWest was that #ThEiRstory. For us near the borders of where east-was-other, the ‘queer’ entered only (sub)liminally through pop imports, for those deeper in East it was even less so... ...we basically missed the Ⓡeal stuff but also: the tension, the traumatic, the cathartic and the catalytic - AIDS crisis. The Queer pandemic, the losses that were ignored.

We missed being free, promiscuous and then sad and close, building communal resistance out of tragedy and out of loss. The losses of systemic failures, futurity! fertility?

Not that it was easy here… We had our issues, ours traumas, our systems that failed us. We entered late. We got lost as we connected to @ll(?), but in the process also transitioned to #meMyselfAndI (minus the beat, minus the sax, minus the sex...+ the ex-).

Where we ever even able to join? 2 become 1 seng 4 or 5 What about the 'Other(s)'? No. Not the #3... More like √2. Less obvious, irrational. Invisible. Indivisible. Unaccountable. Unattainable. Complex. Complicated. Correlated.

How can one think progress when there is so much left behind. So much unAddressed, unAccessed, unAccounted... ...inCompatible, inCommunicable, inComputable and ...left behind Discounted? Discredited?? Discarded? How can we think growth, when so much was left to die.

Maybe the future is poor. Maybe just poor enough for us. For us to re-emerge again. To be and learn together. Time when taboo of de-growth is now longer off-limits. To re-learn solidarity in survival and empathy, re-conditioning frugality while counting on poverty. What if frugality is the new precious. Desirable. Is this what QueerEast can bring to the table? Unlearning consumerism. Unlearning privilege. DeGrowth as DeColonial. #Frugals4Future.

Politics of Location: Eastern European queer leftist dark (?) humor

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this project is: Active

involvement needed: Maybe

seeking connections: Maybe

contactable: Yes get in touch

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description: Artist

mood: Outsider

associations: Non-Normative , Political

location: Balkans

type of space: other

languages involved: Englishes , Mixed

addressing: Queerdos , 18+ , activists

institutional: No

sustainability: not funded mainly

year started: 2020

year completed: 2050

approx. number of people involved: 1

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